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Let’s make stories more inclusive. Because every story matters. Every reader matters. Every author matters. Every publisher matters. Every effort matters. Your effort matters too. This platform exists to unite book professionals and inspire them to exchange experiences and suggest ways of building a more inclusive book industry.


Are you in? Join the movement, get inspired and share your tips!

Every Effort Matters

Are you in?

Are you ready to help build a more inclusive and diverse literature and book world in Europe? Your effort matters! Show your commitment to others, and inspire them to do the same.

 ✔ Are you convinced that our self-esteem is enhanced when we recognize ourselves in stories?

✔  Do you want to help make the European literary sector more inclusive and diverse?

✔  Are you willing to join the debate and share what you’ve learnt?

✔  Would you like to get access to insights and tips on diversity and inclusion in the book industry?

✔  Do you believe that together we can come up with better answers and that your effort matters?

Check, check, check? Join the movement, get inspired and share your tips!

These book professionals are already in

Book professionals from all over Europe are committed to making the literary world more diverse and inclusive. Together, we create literature that values all readers and is there for everyone, no matter what our differences are. To make this journey possible, we count on the support, experience, and commitment from people all over the literary sector. 

'Standing out is fun and necessary'

‘Believe in your story and in the characters you create,’ says Shamisa Debroey, one of four talented illustrators and writers who went on a journey during a talent development programme. The programme – like this platform - is an initiative of Every Story Matters. At least one great result came out of it: Shamisa has just published her first inclusive children’s book. Her advice to other new and upcoming writers and illustrators who want to follow the path of inclusive stories: ‘Let your characters be diverse and inclusive, let them have personality, and stand out. Because standing out is fun and necessary.’

Picture of Shamisa being interviewed.

Need inspiration?


Every Effort Matters if we are to make the literary world more inclusive. Maybe you have no idea where to begin, in which case we'd love to give you a head start. Or maybe you have a lot to tell us, in which case we'd love to follow you in your story. By sharing our mistakes, we avoid falling into the same traps over and over again. By sharing our experiences, we can double our opportunities.

Here are some articles we’ve written on inclusion and diversity:

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