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Inclusive content: inspiration for publishers

Illustration of faces from different backgrounds.
Illustration: Alona Savchuk

Where can you find inclusive books? You should certainly have a look at the reading lists we’ve compiled. More and more independent publishing houses are taking on the task of making the book sector more diverse and inclusive from within. You can draw inspiration from these examples of publishers that are publishing, translating and promoting inclusive books and stories.

  • Spanish independent publishing house Dos Bigotes specializes in publishing stories and translations at the interface of feminism, gender studies and broader LGBTQIA+ themes. By placing the emphasis on taste and literary quality, it wants to reach as broad and diverse a readership as possible, so that not a single reader feels excluded. 'Our aim is not to exclude anyone, but quite the opposite: we believe that good literature is of interest to all readers, regardless of gender or sexual identity.'

  • Independent Australian publisher Magabala Books is an ‘Aboriginal owned and led’ house that focuses on the sustainable development of new and emerging indigenous writers. It publishes fifteen books a year in various genres.

  • Éditions blast in France publishes essayistic and other literary creations on themes such as antiracist, feminist, queer and anarchist resistance.

  • Both Editions d’en bas in France and Invertido in Chile take a subversive approach and challenge canonical works and conventions. They shift the focus to books that were not previously published because of their content.

  • For artbooks about (mainly) gender you can turn to the Czech company By wo-men.This independent publishing house also offers workshops and tips for collaboration with a wide range of different authors.

We too are still learning and investigating, so your input is invaluable! Do you have a suggestion, an interesting case that we can add to this list? Feel free to send it to us at or respond below in the comments.

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Dec 06, 2021


I work in a company whose main work is transcribing and adapting books already released into braille.

Its the only official braille press in Portugal, non governmental. It's callled "Centro Professor Albuquerque e Castro (named after his founder) - Edições Braille", and we send books and magazines in braille for all over the world (portuguese speaking communities).

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